Global Service Providers

ODi has assembled the best possible tools, solutions and resources together in on place through our Global Service Providers. This allows you to improve not only your performance but the performance and capability of the people within your organisation.

Training & Microlearning

Psychometric Profiling

The Leading Dimensions Profile is a psychometric profiling tool designed to assist with coaching, training and recruitment. The LDP has been developed over a lifetime of academic and industry research to produce a simple to use psychometric reporting tool that improves the effectiveness of interpersonal communication and personnel development in any industry.

Survey & Pre-Employment Skill Testing

Peoplogica is ODi’s key people analytics provider that delivers our members a range of customised people capital solutions to improve client and employee engagement levels. With an overall goal of assisting management teams in attracting and retaining top talent, Peoplogica undertake a range of assessments such as JobFit, multi-rater surveys and best customisable skills tests.