OrgDev Institute

Together we make the world a better place with happier, more productive people.

Who are we?

ODi was formed by a collective of leading industry experts wanting to share their knowledge and improve the way Organisation Development is delivered throughout the globe. We represent progressive thinking professionals that are focused on improving business outcomes through their people.

What we do

Our goal is to create a better world with happier, more productive people by applying evidence-based tools that keep pace with the most up to date practice and research. ODi brings together and facilitates an exclusive network of like-minded professionals and industry experts through various networking and industry focused events that will shape the future of the HR industry.

Your ODi Membership

ODi members have the world of Organisational Development at their fingertips which allows them to improve the performance and capability of not only themselves but also the people within their organisation. ODi members have exclusive discounts to ODi Global Service Providers, the opportunity to collaborate and connect with an international network of professionals and the opportunity to contribute to industry development.

Insights and News

Keep up to date with the latest research, development and industry news through our Insights & News